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About me

Who I am?

Hello World !, I'm Agustin Jaime a self-taught programmer from Argentina - Buenos Aires. In 2020 I started my studies in programming, thanks to that after a few months of work I was able to get my first job as a Front-End developer in React.js. I am currently working in a fintech start-up, where I continue to learn day by day.

I am happy to be working on what I like and I appreciate it too much. In my spare time I like to play the guitar or use aerosol cans to paint things that come to mind.

Agustin Diego Jaime



Use of ES6+, design patterns and all the new uses that I constantly use to improve my apps.


These are some of my works


Fintech - Startup

Application to finance your well-being developed in conjunction with Fintech B21. Currently active, it is used to evaluate and grant credits to users so that they can access the services offered by the platform itself. We work under the SCRUM work methodology, also together with designers in Figma. In this project we use the following technologies:

Next.js - React - Styled Components - Framer Motion

Campus Pulsar

Plataforma audiovisual

A course platform developed in conjunction with the Argentine government, is currently used by CONICET students. We use SCRUM work methodology, we work in Figma with designers and clients together. Technologies were used such as:

Next.js - Apollo - Context - GraphQL - Gatsby - Styled Components.


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